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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hmmmmm. Ever heard that phrase, "Grow up!!!" Usually, it's from a mom or dad reacting to a child's tantrum, or perhaps two adults arguing about something nonsensical.

Growing up seems like such a straight forward concept, but in many ways, some do not, and some do not want to. Remember that children's movie, "Peter Pan?" It's about trying to remain forever young.

Wouldn't that be nice? I used to think so, until I discovered that life itself is all about "growing up." Childish attitudes get you nowhere. Childish behaviors often result in arguments and even violence.

A more mature way to look at life is that with each day we not only grow older, hopefully we learn from mistakes and get a little wiser. I have Aboriginal heritage on my mom's side. Elders in the Aboriginal tradition have taught me thgatwe are born into this life in order to become an elder. The task of the elder is to guide the's a neat job!

If we are any good at it, hopefully we can instill some positive values around respect, loving your neighbor or just being the best person you can, despite the hardships life throws at us.

As a priest, I am privileged to walk alongside many and accompany them on the journey of life. There are many today who consider themselves "spiritual" and not "religious." I'm okay with that. However, I'd like to be able to dispel the myth that suggests a person can be a good Christian on their own without the Church. In order to grow, in order to understand, in order to be effective, Christians need each other as the Apostle Paul described. We, as Christians, are part of the same body and we need each other. If you are not in Church, we miss out on the very gifts oyu have been given. If you are not in Church, you miss out on the message God has for you for your personal journey.

But the Church is full of hypocrites you say!!! They say one thing and do another. True!!!! Love is preached but many do not act in love towards others. Jesus has said the Church is a hospital, a place for imperfect people. The perfect have no need of a doctor. The Bible has much to say about our lives and how to live them. We can always use one more hypocrite!! why not join our effort, and see how God will use you mightily inside and outside the Church.

We grow up spiritually when we connect with the very One who created us and knows us intimately. I invite you to do as the commercial says on the radio..."Come, investigate Jesus!"